Treat your eyes at Dame with the latest treatments to enhance your natural beauty.


Microblading is the hottest trend in the beauty industry and our trained staff is excited to create beautiful brows for you. Microblading is the art of placing tiny strokes of a semi-permanent pigment over your existing eyebrows. This is done with a small handheld tool appropriately named, a “microblade.” This tattooing technique mimics and enhances your natural brows with individual hair-like strokes giving your brows shape, color and dimension lasting one to three years. If you are looking to create fuller brows, a higher arch, remedy over plucked brows, create symmetrical brows, wanting a solution for hair loss due to alopecia or any other medical condition, microblading is definitely, absolutely 100% for you. Wake up every morning with perfect brows!

Lash Extensions

Flutter into the future at Dame! This service consists of adhering individual lashes to your natural lash line for wear up to 4 weeks. These extensions produce immediate results leaving your eyes looking brighter and more defined without mascara! We offer three lash styles Classic, Volume and Mega Volume.

Lash Lift + Tint

This is an amazing new option in the lash game and pairs perfectly with a lash tint to really make your eyes pop. A perm for the lashes, lash lifting creates the perfect eye-opening curl for up to 8 weeks. 

Eye Zone Treatment

This revitalizing treatment relieves the stress from your eyes as it eliminates puffiness, softens wrinkles, and diminishes fatigue circles. A relaxing massage combined with an Aveda cooling brush technique will noticeably brighten and relieve eye fatigue. Add this treatment to any service at Dame.

Brow Tint + Wax

This classic combination produces instant results as it enhances, shapes and defines your brows. A brow tint will compliment your new hair color, revitalize aging  brows and add a pop of color to enhance anyone’s natural beauty.