“Fall” in love with Invati

If thicker strands are on your fall wish list, look no further!  Aveda’s Invati collection prevents breakage, reinforces fragile strands and volumizes hair from scalp to ends.  It was created from over 20 years of [...]

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Dedication to the Future!

We are dedicated to sharing our passion for beauty with the local cosmetology students.  By sharing our time and knowledge we hope to guide, mentor and inspire the next generation of beauty professionals. Ready, Scent, [...]

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Cheers to 7 Years!

  The gratitude in my heart for our incredible team who show up every day and shine their beautiful bright lights is immeasurable.  Together our purpose is to make days and we are humbled by [...]

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Fight the Fade!

  Fight the Fade. Leave-in the Color. NEW color control leave-in treatments protect your color up to 12 weeks!   Light: Specially formulated with  lightweight conditioning.  For fine-to-medium hair types. Rich: Specially formulated with 7x more [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Care for the One You Love This Mother’s Day, May 14 The AVEDA Skincare Treatment at DAME…Experience Heaven on Earth! “I visited the spa at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe and my facial didn’t [...]

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Earth Month: Score Big!

  HEART + TEAM + COMMUNICATION We all deserve to feel appreciated at work!  DAME's leadership team - Maggie, Erin and Candice - recently read The Five Languages of Appreciation in the workplace and what [...]

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Spring Trend Alert: The Bob is Back!

Watch out, a new hairstyle has come to town.  Meet, the chunky bob.  What is the chunky bob?  It looks exactly as it sounds: A straight-cut bob (or blunt bob) that embraces the weight and [...]

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The Styling Creme That Does It All!

  Sleek Styling Meets Hair Bonding If you are looking for the perfect “less is more” product that checks all the boxes, look no further than the NEW Botanical Repair Bond-Building Styling Creme!  It is [...]

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What’s My Scalp Got to Do With It?

  Everything!  Your scalp is essential for healthy-looking hair.  After 8 years of scientific research and 13 clinical studies, Aveda introduces scalp solutions: A holistic approach to scalp and hair renewal that helps fight the [...]

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Self-care with DAME Skincare

DAME's luxurious skincare treatment is truly an experience!  Relax your mind and body with intentional hand, foot, neck, shoulder and face massage.  A thorough consultation will allow your skincare specialist to customize the best combination [...]

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