Fight the Fade. Leave-in the Color.

NEW color control leave-in treatments protect your color up to 12 weeks!  

Light: Specially formulated with  lightweight conditioning.  For fine-to-medium hair types.

Rich: Specially formulated with 7x more oils and emollients (compared to the light leave-in treatment).  For medium to thick hair types.

3-Steps: Color control shampoo, color control conditioner, and NEW leave-in treatment in light or rich.

The Deets!

Protects from WATER fade: A weightless seal helps keep tones vibrant and luminous wash after wash.

Protects from HEAT fade: Works as a heat-protection spray for styling up to 450 degrees.

UV Protection: Sand ginger protects hair from drying effects of the sun.

Skincare at DAME

A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin!  Like we need an excuse to promote pampering, but beyond the feel-good factors of facials, there are a myriad of benefits and things you need to know about this incredible self-care practice.

The facial benefits that may surprise you: Reduces stress and anxiety, treats acne without scarring, exfoliation and rejuvenation, and removes bags and dark circles.

It takes time to train your skin, so balancing a regular skincare routine (ideally every 4 weeks) works wonders as your cells learn and respond to give you a regular glow!

Let the DAME skincare team – Aly, Kim, Carolina, Bailey and Alexa – help you look (and feel) more radiant.

Dapper Dads

This Father’s Day, treat Dad to the DAME haircut experience he deserves!  He will enjoy an Aveda aroma stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage while sipping a cup of coffee or Aveda comforting tea.  A relaxing shampoo experience includes a warm, aromatic towel and a luxurious hand massage.  All haircuts are complete with a blow dry style and recommendations to recreate his new look at home.  Everyone loves a haircut you don’t need to fix!

Wall of Heart

At DAME, we know who we are and we live on purpose.  This wall represents our value of HEART and as a reminder that we live our roles as mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend or wife even when within the walls at DAME.

AVEDA Plus Rewards

June 2-8

Nutriplenish full-size shampoo & conditioner sets

4,000 points per set

June 9-18

Pure-formance grooming clay

Redeem 2,500 points

Pure-formance shampoo, conditioner, and grooming clay

5,000 points per set

June 25-29

Nutriplenish light masque – redeem 3,500 points 

Nutriplenish deep masque – redeem 6,500 points

June 1-30

Earn 500 bonus points when you purchase a color control leave-in treatment