I love a new year. It represents a fresh start. A new beginning of sorts that offers us another chance to grow and do better than last year.

Stay positive. Create a resolution that adds something to your life vs taking something away. My 2018 New Years Resolution is to send greeting cards. My family has set a wonderful example of connecting through hand written notes. I will strive to keep this beautiful tradition alive. There is so much joy in receiving a personalized greeting card in the mail.

On January 2, a new and much deserved break room was presented to Team Dame. This space was designed to inspire and refuel. Special attention to detail was made to promote wellness and happiness. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this incredible room to life, especially the talented and forever giving Kathryn Royle.

On January 23, Dame Salon Spa is partnered with our friends and neighbors at Azure for a styling event: New Year, New You, New Style, New Do. The stylists at Azure showcased three looks while the DAME Design Team educated attendees on correlating hairstyles. All attendees received an Aveda Swag Bag and a gift card to Azure. We laughed, sipped Rose and left inspired.

Have you ever thought of wearing hair? Our team recently spent two days training with VoMor Hair Extensions. These tape in extensions are exclusive to Aveda Salons and have the capabilities of giving you the thicker, fuller and longer hair of your dreams. We have fallen in love with this product. You will too.

Be excited by the possibilities of 2018!

Maggie Dame